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The Joy of Matcha

Imperial Matcha is intriguing, mysterious and is in many ways, sneaky. There are many benefits to Matcha that are unknown, yet this drink I find is very taboo to many. I think that many people are far removed from this beverage because its green, and my friends have told me that it appears that I am drinking chalk. 

Little do these nay-sayers know that matcha actually has some the highest antioxidants than normal teas, and is an up and coming ingredient is most baking. This tea, by itself, has a sweet and earthy taste. As much as I enjoy matcha straight up, I am fond of the matcha latte. 

To crate the perfect matcha concoction, lets begin with this: 

  • Begin with a teaspoon of matcha powder and then poor the powder in about 2-3 ounces of water boiling at a casual 170-175 degrees. 
  • Froth your water and matcha powder mixture 

This is simple and an easy way to get quick quick health benefits. As mentioned before, I am very fond of the latte. When adding milk to my teas and matcha, I opt for coconut milk always. Coconut milk is very hydrating and has heath benefits similar to those of coconut oil. Coconuts have been proven to help with regularity, are great for hair, skin and nails, and are a great natural sweetener. I always ask for coconut milk because I hate adding sugar to my coffee or tea. This is a great way to naturally sweeten your beverages without the address sugar packets! If coconut milk is not available, I will always ask for almond or soy which are great alternatives! 

Of course, I am writing this blurb while enjoying Imperial Matcha with coconut milk, typical.

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