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American Tearoom

American Tearoom

This is my favorite tearoom in all of Newport Beach. As soon as I walk in, the ambiance is very tranquil. I really appreciate the kindness, knowledge and consistency of the staff here. Since I am a frequent quest here, I love that they know what I normally order and have great recommendations for other teas I might like as well. 

Two of my favorites are the American Beauty, which is a white tea blend, and their Matcha (typical).  Today, I am indulging in a classic scone with raspberry jam and a Matcha latte with almond milk, perfection. These scones melt in my mouth when they are warm and are the prefect combination of sweet and salty. I can only imagine if there were fruit in here. 

Baristas and, as I would call them, Tea Lords, Alonna and Kevin walked me through some tea basics. It was difficult to narrow down their favorite teas given there are over 150 teas around their store from all over the world, but they were able to give me an idea of what they liked. My first question was what were their favorite types of teas or blends. American Tearoom has 6 different types of teas (Green, White, Oolong, Black, Herbal and Heicha), but the consensus was either black or green teas. Alonna shared that her favorite teas were black teas from China, also a blend of an herbal called Martinique. This blend has green rooibos, mango and papaya! Kevin prefers green teas. For him, the grassier and more earthy, the better. A nice creamy Japanese tea suits him. One of this favorite blends is the arabian white coffee tea which also have orange blossom, rose water, cane sugar and mint. He noted that the mint, even though they add very little, adds to the flavor in a major way! When asked what their favorite ways to brew tea were, they really felt that it depends on their mood. They typically use the strainer and the tea must be loose leaf as teabags can alter the flavor. Alonna loves the very traditional Gong Fu style .This means you steep the laves multiple times to enhance the flavors. 

Before I left, I enjoyed one of their specialty teas, Himalayan Butter Tea. To create this wonderful concoction, you need: 

  1. Himalayan Salt
  2. Butter
  3. Honey 
  4. Black, Pu-erh and Oolong teas 

I definitely tasted the butter and salt in this tea, but it was very refreshing and went down smoothly. Every time I’m here, everyone is so kind and helpful. They are so knowledgeable on everything and really make sure I get exactly what I want. If you want an amazing fusion of drink and culture, this is the place for you! 



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