I am a lover of many things, but mainly good food and good people. My journey began in my grandmother’s kitchen where I learned the basics of cooking and appreciation of good food from all different cultures. From the tanginess of asian culture to the spice of the south, I was born a food lover. 

Being born in Dominican Republic made me a picky eater since I was used to a certain spice and vibrance in my taste pallet and growing up in San Francisco fully satisfied my cultural needs. Immersed in a city with such cultural diversity made it easy for me to pin down anything that appealed to me from Asian to Indian, Peruvian to Salvadorian, and Southern to high tea. 

I decided to journey down to Southern California for college and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of food festivals, farmers markets, and cultural diversity of each county and city. Along the way, I have met good people and enjoyed good food. I hope you enjoy my adventures, and don't forget to eat up!